Our Methods

The accessibility survey delivered to restaurants in the Urbana-Champaign area can be seen below. Each question was answered with Yes, No, or N/A with the exception of #20 which required measurements made in inches.

Based on the survey results, restaurants were categorized into the following accessibility levels:

Excellent Accessibility: A restaurant has “Excellent” accessibility if it has “Yes” for all of the questions with the exception of question 10.

Good Accessibility: A restaurant has “Good” accessibility if it has “Yes” to all of the following questions:  1 or 1a, 3 or 3a, 11, 12, and 15-18.

Limited Accessibility: A restaurant has “Limited Accessibility” if it has “No” to any of the following questions: 1 or 1a, 3 or 3a, 11, 12, 15-18


  1. Is there at least one designated accessible parking space in the restaurant’s private lot?
    1. If no, is there at least one public accessible parking space within 1 block?
  2. Is this restaurant located on or near a public bus route?
  3. Is the entrance to the restaurant accessed by level ground?
    1. If not, is the entrance to the restaurant accessed by a low-incline ramp 36 inches wide?
  4. Is the entrance threshold less than 3/4 inches tall?
  5. Is the doorway clearance at least 32 inches wide?
  6. Can the entrance door be opened with a limited grasp?
  7. Are there aisles and pathways between chairs or tables that are 36 inches wide?
  8. Are all of the condiments accessible on counters that are within 36 inches in height and within arm’s length of 25 inches from the edge?
  9. Do any of the tables offer 27 inches (from the ground) for knee space?
  10. Is a menu offered in Braille and/or large print?
  11. Does the restaurant welcome people with disabilities with service animals as required by ADA?
  12. Do all fire and emergency alarms in public areas have both audible and visual signals?
  13. Is there signage to indicate accessible restrooms?
  14. Can the restroom door be opened with minimal force / a limited grasp?
  15. Does the doorway leading to the restroom(s) have at least 32 inches of clearance space?
  16. Is the aisle-way leading up to the accessible stall at least 42 inches wide?
  17. Does the accessible stall door have at least 32 inches of clearance space?
  18. Is the toilet seat 17 – 19 inches above the floor?
  19. Are there grab bars behind and on the sidewall nearest the toilet?
  20. Measurement of the interior of the stall space (length and width in inches)
  21. Is the counter with washbasin no higher than 34 inches from the floor?
  22. Is there 27 inches of knee clearance under the sink?
  23. Are soap and other dispensers no higher than 48 inches from the floor at the point where the product is dispensed?
  24. Can faucets be operated with a closed fist?
  25. What assistance and/or accommodations does this restaurant offer to persons with disabilities?
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